Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where are your friends?

Do you have a couple of special friends that you believe will stand with you no matter what happens.  Jesus had friends like that or a least he thought he did.  Jesus was tight with Peter, James, and John.  They went a lot of places together.  They were together at the transfiguration. Jesus called on his friends when he went to the Garden of Gethsemane.  He was at a low point in his earthly life.  He needed the support of his friends.   He needed them to be with him and to pray for him.  As they entered the garden, he asked them to wait and to pray as he went on.  When Jesus came out, what did he find?  He found his closest friends had fallen asleep. They couldn't even stay awake and pray for him for an hour.  Jesus was upset.  He felt left down by his closest friends.  

Two thoughts immediately come to my mind. 

1. Would my friends stay awake and pray for me if I asked them to?  Have I chosen good friends that can be counted on? Do I have friends with that kind of relationship with God?

2. Would I have fallen asleep when Jesus was counting on me?   Do I spend time praying for the needs of others?  Can I be counted on?

What about you?  Think about who your friends are?   Have you ever had to go to them and ask them to pray?  Who is the best prayer warrior you know?

How much time do you spend praying for others?