Monday, March 5, 2012

God's Timing

Wow - it's March already.  Where did February go?

We continue to trust God and work towards moving this summer.  We don't have jobs and we have 2 houses to sell but we are believing that God will work this out.

As I've meditated over this situation, I have two trains of thought and I'm not sure which one makes the most sense.  And by that, I mean spiritual sense because from my human perspective nothing we are doing makes sense.

Thought number one - Perhaps we are trying to rush God's timing.  As I think about the story of Abraham and Sarah, that's what they did.  They wanted a child and God promised Abraham that he would have descendents.  They didn't wait on God's timing.  If you remember the story, Sarah and Abraham tried to find their own way to fulfill God's covenant (Genesis 15).  It was Sarah's idea to give Hagar to Abraham in order to have a child.  Abraham agreed.  They were both wrong.  It wasn't until many years later that Sarah gave birth to Isaac.  Isaac was God's plan all along.  It was through Isaac that God was going to fulfill his promises.  God's timing is always perfect and isn't always in line with our timing.

Thought number two - Perhaps we need to just give up everything and move and trust God to provide.  Giving up good jobs in this economy seems really stupid from a human perspective.  Are we having enough faith in God if we have an alternative plan?  If I hold on to my job here (just in case things don't work out), does that show a lack of trust and faith.  I think God wants us to use the brains he gave us but does that show a lack of dependence on Him.  He wants us to trust him but where is the line between trust and common sense.  This one I am really struggling with.

Beth is going to college in PA.  That fact is established.  I want to move in order to be near our family.  We've wanted this for 25 years.  Is the time right?  Is it God's timing?  How do we know?  How do we balance waiting for God's timing and stepping out in faith believing God will provide.


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