Thursday, October 30, 2008

Total Dependence

As I thought some more about my last post, I came up with the idea that it is really all about dependence on God. You either totally depend on him, or you don’t depend on him at all. You can’t do it half way.

As you go through your day, acknowledge that you can’t do it, but God can. Put your dependence totally on God. Ask him for his strength, wisdom, and goodness – not your own. Place yourself totally in the hands of the Savior and ask him to carry you through your day. If things are going well, don’t forget that it is God who strengthens you. It is God that provides you with the ability to do your work. It is God who gives you favor. It is God who opens doors for you. It isn’t about you, it’s about Jesus. It is God who deserves all the honor and glory. Be sure to give him the praise!

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